How Education's is Important?

Writed by: Farida Muji Rahayu



How Education's is Important?

In the current era of globalization, ofcourse everyone must have an education, whether it's education at school, or education outside of school. Even if that person doesn't have both, if someone asked how much is 1.000+1.000 then that person will answer 2.000.

Education is a very important things, education can be used to make it easier to get a job, or for a social status. We all know that if we don't have an education, we will find it difficult to get a job, or we can also be humiliated by others because of our educational status.

In Indonesian, it seems that education is still underestimated, many parents didn’t care about their children's education because they think that education will not make money. On the contrary, the parents didn’t know that education can lead to a more decent, and more wonderfull life.

Europe is a very advanced country in the field of science, where do they get it if not through an education?. Isn't it obvious that education is an important thing? Because of education, many people who originally didn't know became aware, and what originally didn’t understand became understood.

The future it will look very brighty and shiny, if we have the provision of education. Didn’t easy to get, but also not an impossibility. There is no limit for anyone who wants to get education, whether he or she, old or young, and rich or poor.

The conclusion from all of my writing’s is, education is a very important things for life, and there is no limit for anyone to get education. Thank you. (Farida Muji Rahayu)

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